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Communication Tips




#304 - Developing Communication Skills
Good communication skills prevent conflicts,
disharmony, and confusion resulting in higher productivity,
job satisfaction and superior quality performance. This
training builds interpersonal communication skills and
interactions through role-plays and team, triad, and group
exercises. Managers, team leaders, and executives practice
and assimilate effective person-to-person communication in
order to maximize their individual leadership success and
the effectiveness of those with whom they communicate. The
ability to communicate successfully with others facilitates
group cohesion, reduces time wasting misunderstandings, and
guarantees completion of directives.

#307 - Presentation Skills for Leaders
Effective presentation skills set strong leaders apart in their
ability to speak with ease and confidence and to connect
with groups of varying sizes. This practical and highly
participatory program prepares participants to control their
nervousness and emotions; organize for understanding and
clarity; add action with body language; strengthen message
with voice and rate of speech; and facilitate depth and
understanding with a variety of visuals. Skills-changing
recommendations for improvement are provided after each

#309 - Business Writing Skills for Professionals

Effective writing makes the process of decision-making easier. Confidence in writing enables individuals to put their words together more quickly and more powerfully, which will help them excel in their work. This course supports the principles of excellence, performance improvement, quality, timeliness, and efficiency of work. In an interactive, participatory session, this
class will enable attendees to sharpen their writing skills,
learn how to get to the bottom line quickly, and become more
effective in getting people to take action. Whether
composing memos, reports, or briefings participants will
learn proven techniques that they can implement immediately.


#312 - Supervisory Boot Camp: Making the Transition to    Management a Smooth One New managers are often
caught of guard by the reactions of their employees and
colleagues, however much of this reaction is "typical." By
preparing new managers, they can shorten their learning
curve and increase their effectiveness. Strong leadership
often increases productivity and enhances morale. Through
the topics in Supervisory Boot Camp, new managers gain both
confidence and respect, both which are critical for their
future. This course will help new and experienced managers
become better managers.

#301 - Managing Conflict

Conflict. We don’t like it, but it’s unavoidable. When managed
effectively, conflict can lead to new ideas, creativity, and
a stronger team effort. Unfortunately, conflict often
divides organizations and departments rather than uniting
them. At its worst, conflict can be the cause of poor
morale, low motivation, and high job stress. Conflict – and
failed attempts to resolve it - are major contributors to
low productivity in work groups and throughout
organizations. Through experiential learning, attendees will
analyze their own reactions to conflict. They will learn how
to diagnose conflict, and resolve it constructively, thereby
creating a better work environment.

#302 - Coaching and Feedback Skills

This course, designed for managers, team
leaders and supervisors, will help them create a work
environment where all employees use their maximum potential
and participate in process improvement. Some say that great
managers are born with an innate ability to coach and
counsel others. That may be true, but it has been
demonstrated that almost everyone can learn the skills
needed to create an environment where all employees succeed.
Through role playing and demonstrations, participants will
have the opportunity to practice giving feedback and help
employees through performance counseling.

#303 - Cultural Competencies for Leaders

The objective of the Cultural Competency for Leaders is to develop supervisors', managers' and leaders' cultural competency such that they set the tone for a respectful, empowered work environment that enhances team building. This advanced seminar is designed to provide the agency's leaders with the skills to motivate and
capitalize on the benefits of our multicultural workplace.
Visual aids, assessments, vignettes, small and large group
discussions, and workplace scenarios are utilized in this
seminar. Effective communication skills across cultures are
an underlying theme in this seminar.

#308 - Hiring Future Leaders
Hiring the best applicant for the job is one of the
most important tasks managers face. In addition to
assembling a dynamic and synergistic team with the new hire
decision, it is also imperative that the legalities
associated with hiring are adhered to strictly.
Inappropriate questions often tell educated applicants that
this interviewer is either not well informed or not
respectful of the law. Applicants may become bitter and take
legal action. Either reaction is costly for the hiring
manager as well as the agency. This course, will prepare
government managers for one of their most important
jobs–selection of the future work force.


#315 - Take Charge Success Strategies Motivation
with a method! This course focuses on the corporate vision
and mission and the unit or manager's responsibility to
produce results in support of it. Specific topics of
discussion include: 1) past performance, 2) creating a sense
of direction, 3) a Listening profile to emphasize the
importance of enhanced communication skills, 4) developing a
strategy, and 5) use of an action plan with goals and


#305 - Leadership Development

In the 21st Century work environment, strong leadership is
prerequisite, not optional. This course develops leadership
skills required by managers, team leaders, supervisors, and
potential leaders, for high productivity, job satisfaction,
and performance improvement. Participants learn the value of
different leadership styles and skills such as of delegation,
behavior modeling, situational leadership, communicating to
empower and motivate, and the influential development of
followers. This workshop is designed to provide participants
with mental models and experiential activities to understand
and capitalize on today's multicultural workforce.


#311 - Customer Service in the Non-Profit Sector
Even when no money is exchanged, we are selling something.
We want to sell people on the effectiveness of our
organization and we want to sell them on ourselves as
excellent service providers. Service providers are managers
as well as front line providers. Customers are in-house as
well as outside the organization. Service begins with the
very first impression we create when we meet a client,
whether it is in person, on the telephone, or in a written
communication, such as an e-mail, a note or letter, a
brochure, or a policy manual. It takes only a few seconds
for an observer to form opinions of us. It’s much easier to
make a great first impression than it is to change a
person’s opinion later on. Attitudes formed about the
service we provide may extend to an opinion about the
government in general. At additional cost client may
request, advance sampling of service currently provide and
assessment one month after course is completed.


#316 - Team Leader Performance Improvement

High performance organizations are team-based, high learning,
and multidisciplinary, working under severe time restraints and
competitive pressures. Leadership and management
requirements are in a constant state of change. This seminar
presents time tested team leader processes and methods that
allow senior executives, managers, and individuals to
rethink their strategies and tactics to provide sustainable
profitable growth.

#317 - Team Building for Performance Improvement

Greatness in an organization is seldom about the
performance of a few superstars…. It is about getting an
extraordinary performance from every team member. Most team
leaders concentrate the majority of their attention on the
problem performers, with the hope that the high performers
continue to perform high. Pareto's Rule indicates that 20%
of the workforce provides 80% of the effectiveness. If that
is increased to 27.5% of your people, effectiveness will
increase to 110%. Do the math. This seminar will help raise
team effectiveness that additional 7.5%

#310 - People Working Together: Diversity Awareness

The general purpose of People Working Together is to further promote a positive agency work environment that includes mutual respect, trust
and understanding. By promoting such an environment of
respect and understanding, all members and employees are
better able to effectively function as a team and contribute
to the accomplishments of the agency's goals.


#313 - Image Impact Comprehensive, hands-on
workshop that focuses on enhancing one's professional image.
Emphasis is placed on appearance and behavior for a business
environment. The wardrobe information provided in these
workshops is based on internationally accepted guidelines
for business attire. A module on business etiquette and/or
personal color may be included. Upon completing the
training, participants experience increased credibility and
confidence. Image Impact Seminars focus on visual impression

#314 - Successful Stress Managers Stress is a normal and
very functional part of life; however, unmanaged stress can
wreak havoc in every area of one's life. The ability to
manage stress successfully is a huge advantage when dealing
with daily demands, professional as well as personal.
Successful Stress Managers provides information and
motivation to encourage behavioral changes that lead to less
distress, as well as promoting and maintaining healthy
balance. These sessions contain stress tests, information,
reminders, and exercises to control one's reaction to

Computer-based training

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