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Over $3,000 in valuable products used by writers every day.

Book Signing Action Planner - Many writers are surprised to learn that they are responsible for marketing their books. One of the best ways I've found is through an exciting book-signing tour. Authors are often seen as celebrities and are much appreciated, especially in areas where there are few authors. My first tour was a three-city Barnes and Noble tour in West Texas. It was great! I've also signed in the Barnes and Noble store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Check out the action planner - it makes book signing tour set up easy.

Free Communication Skills Self Assessment                                            Effective communication skills are the mark of an achiever. How long has it been since you checked up on your communication skills? Here is a free resource you can complete in private. If you need to brush up, you can follow up with our 101 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills Instantly, 5th Edition book or audio. It is also available on Kindle.

Digital Learning - online self growth classes. Learn at your own speed anything from Microsoft Office courses to management and leadership. Enhance your career or decide to form your own business.

Effective Goal Setting
Are you still setting your goals on paper?
Every Success Coach in the nation stresses the importance of clearly defined goals. Unfortunately, the method proposed is to write your goals on paper! GoalPro is a software-based goal-setting and achievement system, designed to provide you with all necessary tools to define, maintain, track, and achieve your goals. Download your free trial version today!!!

Self-Growth Giveaway
Self-Development Tools worth over $4,000 FREE of charge. You will be amazed at all the valuable gifts Bradley Thompson has to offer. His newsletter is packed with information we all can use.

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Radio Interviews

Become Famous being a guest on big radio shows like Radio Publicity Expert, Alex Carroll. Alex tells you how and provides the contacts. He has done over 1,200 radio interviews and made over $1,500,000 in direct sales. Learn from the expert!


FREE Motivational audios
Interviews with people of all ages who have taken charge of their lives. Listen to a CEO who is 17 years old, the creator of Norway's first perfume, the International Ambassador of Sumo, and many more.


Let Your Voice Be Heard

AudioAcrobat.com allows you record and publish audio interviews and post and publish videos.


Overcome Writer's Block

Ideas frozen? Locked in a dry spell? Try this subliminal CD for a cure. When faced with a blank screen and a hundred other things on my mind, I put on the CD, type in the topic,  and relax. Ideas begin to flow. Read what Dan Strauss says about his research and The Science Behind Unblocking the Writer's Block. Click here.


How to Become a Professional Speaker.
If you would like to learn about a fantastic business that pays you for your business knowledge and life experiences, we highly recommend Tom Antion, an accomplished international speaker. He reveals the tips, tricks and techniques that earn you high fees in the speaking industry. He is a great resource. Click here to check it out.

How To Be A Red Hot Persuasion Wizard … In 20 Days Or Less
"How to Magically Persuade Even the Most Hard-headed People!" Persuade them to do what you want them to do and get what you want the fast and easy way! You're going to love the amazing secrets of persuasion, seduction, and influence unleashed in this awesome e-book that is guaranteed to change your life. Click here for a free sample chapter.

The Presentation Team
Everything for presenters! Services include custom PowerPoint design & enhancement, multimedia/Flash development, video production, and speaker training & coaching. Products include backgrounds/templates, software, books, and A/V equipment.

Cover that Book: Insider secrets  for
writing and designing a bestselling book cover.

Save time, money, hassles, and possibly your sanity! Listen in as four of today's leading book cover specialists show you how to create a bestselling book cover that will successfully launch your entire marketing campaign. Susan wrote the money-making marketing copy for the back of our book, From Book Signing to Best Seller.                    Write To Your Market


Motivational Magic

Motivational Speaker Richard Saldan will rivet your audience to their chairs with his stunning professional magic. He seizes their attention, and then create lasting change in their lives. Richard's workshops and seminars on peak performance coaching will motivate your people into action with an event they'll long remember!





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