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From Book Signing To Best Seller:

An Insider's Guide to Conducting a Successful Low-Cost Book Signing Tour

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Book signing is high-impact, low-cost publicity at its best. It can help you get advance book sales, better shelf display, virtually free advertising, recognition as the expert in your field, critical networking leads, opportunities for speaking engagements, radio and TV coverage, and so much more.

From Book Signing to Best Seller shows you how to promote a book widely, yet economically.

Why should you do a book signing?

Book Signings offer many benefits in addition to cash. They generate opportunities for  free publicity, enable the author to interact with readers, help authors establish their reputation as an expert and they are fun. Click here if you're not convinced.

Complete with critical checklists, planning schedules, a sample budget and industry web sites. Available now!


Plan every aspect of a single book signing or a complete tour
Get maximum results for the lowest possible cost
Avoid trial and error--create a spectacular event your first time
Cash in on follow-on seminars and consulting
Live comfortably, safely, and economically on the road

"This is the MOST IMPORTANT BOOK you'll ever read on book signing. It should be in every author's tool kit."

-Dr. Joe Vitale, Author, Hypnotic Writing

"Highly recommended. This is an effective, 'user friendly' title which focuses on low-cost promotion options. It is packed with practical insider advice."

-James A. Cox, "Reviewer's Bookwatch,"     and "Book Review Index."

"From Book Signing to Best Seller is a must for any author whether the book is self-published or published by a major New York publisher."            

              -Maryanne Raphael, Writers World

"A comprehensive guide to successful book signing for new and emerging authors. Jo and John provide clear step-by-step guidance to make signings more profitable."

-Dan Poynter, Author, The Self-Publishing Manual

It's great.  It's chock-full of facts, how to's and rich examples and your caring, confident  voice comes through clearly.  I feel you right there, Jo, with a helping hand and a guiding light. 

-Pamela Kelly, Author  
Speak with Passion, Speak with Power

"If you have a book the world needs to know about, get on the inside track! After only one coaching session with Jo Condrill I had a tour outlined and days later it was set to go!"

-Carolyn Gross, Author, Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos, 2001-2002 President NSA San Diego

"Your presentation really gave me the keys I needed. It is one thing to write a book and another, entirely, to get it into the hands of a reader. You have shown me how to do it!"

-Cline Clark, Author,  Hints for a Happy Ending

I have read "From Book Signing to Best Seller," and it is invaluable! I am CO-writing a series of "Guide To" books, and I can't thank you enough for this book."

-Kathy London, Big Bear Lake, CA

"Thanks for getting me started. I have lined up a book signing tour all by myself by following your instructions. It's paying off!"

-Allison Acken, Ph.D., Author, It's Only Money

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