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Jo Condrill, EzineArticles Platinum Author

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Get Published and Prosper

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Want to write your memoirs but don't
know where to begin? 

Do you have expert knowledge or a titillating exposť you would like to publish?

Whether you are just thinking about writing a book or are in the development stages (planning, writing, producing or promoting), you can get it done in a very short time. Begin with an eBook and you don't have to worry about who will publish it. Do it yourself and then post it on Barnes and Noble's and Kindle with for starters. Write up a good bio, book description, and get some reviews and you're on your way. But wait! How about putting it into a paperback book as another product. It could be your calling card; you can autographic it; you might even hold classes on it. You can even take it on the road and do a book signing tour. Authors are celebrities in many parts of the country. Jo Condrill has the “real world” experience to help you realize your publishing goals; she's even written a book about it!

If you want to build your book into a business, we offer a uniquely seasoned blend of the ingredients critical to every author’s success:

     1) Writing and Publishing

     2) Speaking and Marketing

     3) Business Leadership and Team Building

Book Signing Jo Condrill & Tom Ellis

GoalMinds, Inc. provides content rich workshops, TeleSeminars, private and group coaching, and retreats. Whether you are just starting out or are ready for advanced publishing strategies, we serve individuals as well as large and small businesses and organizations with a customized program specifically designed to suit your needs.

The U.S. Department of Commerce has awarded GoalMinds, Inc. an Export Achievement Certificate for

 accomplishments in the Global Marketplace. GoalMinds books have now been published in ten countries and translated into nine different languages.

"Real World" Application

"This is the MOST IMPORTANT BOOK you'll ever read on book signing. It should be in every author's tool kit."

-Dr. Joe Vitale, Author, Hypnotic Writing

“Jo shares her experience as an author, leader in Toastmasters, and her broad knowledge of resource material. When I went to Writers Camp I had a work in progress that was “stuck,” unsure of my next move. I’ve got up to 100 ways to go now...and know the top 10 coming up the soonest."

-Peter Gustafson, Ruidoso, NM, Writer

"Your presentation really gave me the keys I needed. It is one thing to write a book and another, entirely, to get it into the hands of a reader. You have shown me how to do it!"

-Cline Clark, Author, Apocalypse Survival Guide:
Helpful Hints for a Happy Ending

"Since I had four books published, with one going into it’s fourth edition, I considered going to the Writers Camp, in the mountains, at the beautiful Lavender Springs Ranch an expense to be written off as I relaxed with good food in beautiful surroundings while I visited with people that shared my interest. However, the five informative days spent with Jo Condrill of GoalMinds was a very enlightening experience. I now realize how much I didn’t know about writing and getting a book published.

-Malcolm Beck, Organic Specialist and Founder of Garden-Ville; Consultant, Author, and Speaker; San Antonio, Texas

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Get Published and Prosper!

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