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Meet Dr. Eddie Fiszer, author of Daily Positives; Ricky Flores, award-winning band director; John Register, Silver Medal winner in the Paralympics; the Hip Hop artist, Frankie G;  Shawn Leslie Jenkins, creator of the Hollywood Extreme Workout; Brandon Ellis, college student, golfer and volunteer; Geir Ness, creator of the first perfume of Norway; Hezekiah Griggs, III, CEO at 17; Bess and Cliff Crouch of Lavender Spring Ranch; International Ambassador of Sumo Wrestling, Emanuel Yarbrough, Judith Kaye of Australia talks about choosing a career; and others.

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                Big, Hairy, Audacious GOALS

Alex Bass, a 16-year-old high school student, has overcome major obstacles in his life, which he is reluctant to discuss.  He attended 13 different schools before ninth grade; his mother is in prison. In fifth grade Alex saw something that changed his life. An ROTC color guard was raising the flag at his school. Alex wanted to be part of that. He has set some high goals for himself that include entering the Military Academy at West Point and becoming a career military officer. He relentlessly pursues his goals and is an excellent example of the payoffs associated with goal setting and determination.


How to Reinvent

Bill Larson, former ABC Radio News anchor, actor, screenwriter, and entrepreneur talks about the chapters of our lives, fear, risk, and opportunities! Bill covered every launch at Cape Kennedy and Kennedy Space Center from the first Gemini launch through the moon landing of Apollo 11. He was one of the first reporters to break the story of the Apollo One fire. He reported from aboard the carriers New Orleans and Ticonderoga for 2 Skylab missions and Apollo14.  Bill continues to write, co-produce and narrate videos for various production companies and government agencies including NASA, the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation and Hall of fame as well the Air Force 45th Space Wing. Bill is an expert at moving forward in life. Click on the arrow to listen.

Going Bonkers

Get a "behind the scenes" look at the birth of an exciting new magazine with the Editor, J. Carol Pereyra. Carol tells how she and her husband resurrected the title, Going Bonkers. She knows the market and is right on target with articles such as, "Letting Go of Worry," "Never Be Lied to Again: Techniques to Spot a Liar," and "Tips for Meeting People."  Be among the first to talk about it. Check it out and subscribe today. Click on the arrow to listen.                                                                          

Understanding Islam: Another Facet of Diversity     

What is Islam? What do Muslims really believe? In this very informative interview Amjed Baghdadi tells how he was born and raised in the US in a family not given to religious teachings. When he was 15 years old, his father began to study their Muslim faith. Amjed, instead, began to study the Bible.
In time, he, too, returned to the faith of his ancestors. His devotion to his faith does not diminish his love of country, the USA. Click o
n the arrow to listen.


Inspiring Greatness

  In this interview Dr. Edward P. Fiszer shares his secrets of success, inspiring greatness. As the founding principal of a Charter school that emphasizes math and science, he puts into practice what he has written about: How Teachers Learn Best and Daily Positives: Inspiring Greatness in the Next Generation. He shares stories of his experiences and gives us insight into his vision: reaching every child in North and South America with his message of the value of daily positives. Click on the arrow to listen.


Hurdling over Obstacles

Can you imagine competing in a sporting event and having your "leg" end up three feet ahead of you? Would you have the presence of mind to make light of it? John Register saw it happen to an amputee who was wearing a prosthesis, and he was inspired to compete in track and field events wearing an artificial leg, a prosthesis. John was in the US Army, running hurdles in 1994 when he injured his knee so badly that his leg had to be amputated. A veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm, he tells us that most injuries to service members occur outside of a combat theater.

John talks about that winning feeling, being on top of the game, and he talks about near despair when he can't reach his child who is playing on a swing set on a sandy playground. He emphasizes the importance of faith, family, and friendships in helping us get over obstacles. He credits his wife, Anita, with giving him strength to move on when she told him, "We'll get through this together." 


                 "Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."  --Ralph Waldo Emerson.

    Ricky Flores grew up in a housing project. "We were in every government assistance program available," he says. In the ninth grade, he looked at his surroundings and said to himself, "Lord, there's got to be more to life than this." Ricky found the way out through education, hard work, and focus. He set his sights high. He now has a master's degree and is making history in San Antonio (Texas) Independent School District. He leads an award-winning music program with 297 students in Irving Middle School, grades 6 to 8.
In September 2006, Ricky's' band was one of six in the nation to receive a National Wind Band Honors Award. "They were really amazing — and I've listened to good bands for 30 years," said Rick Yancey, director of the national project.  
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From the Vietnam Era comes this compelling piece read by a teen accompanied by
a teen choral group and band.          


 Hip Hop, Rock, and Salvation!

Frank Muise made a wrong turn in his life. At an early age he was drinking and doing drugs. Things got worse and he was incarcerated for four years at age 14 without possibility of parole. Life is not a straight line, even when you think you have it figured out. Listen as Frank describes his life's journey.  He is older now, almost 24, and he is moving away from hip hop into rock. In this interview he shares with us his journey to becoming a successful musician. He has talent and determination and deserve our support. He has faith in the Good Lord. Now, with his wife, Tee, at his side, he is inspired to be all he can be. She promotes the Christian message through One N Faith.  Click here to listen

                          Hollywood Extreme Workout!

Shawn Leslie Jenkins is an entertainer as well as an expert fitness trainer. This fast-paced show is loaded with information about his life's journey from break-dancing in the streets of Detroit; to Morehouse College in Atlanta; to the YMCA in Hollywood; to the state of the art facility, the 360 Health Club in Reseda; and beyond. Shawn will make you sweat just talking about his extreme workout! There's more to Shawn, though, than physical fitness. He shows a unique compassion for his clients, caring about the whole person. Shawn has gained fame for his charitable works, too. He asks his clients to help the needy by taking canned goods, toys and clothing to the workout sessions. Shawn's associates then see that the appropriate organizations receive the contributions to be distributed in the local area. Shawn is amazing! Just listen and see if you don't agree.
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          Juggling Studies, Golf, and Hanging Out                                                                                                                    

Brandon Ellis, 19, a tournament-winning golfer, tells of the challenges he faced as he began college in a distant city and how he mastered time management. He completed his first year of college in May 2006 at Wayland Baptist University in Plainview, Texas.

CEO at 17
"Education is the most important resource you will ever have," says Hezekiah Griggs, III. Hezekiah is attending Rutgers University while running HG3 Media! He shares some valuable insights from a teen's perspective. He became a cinematographer at age 7 by photographing his grandfather who was a minister. When an elderly woman asked him what he charged for the pictures, he hesitated only briefly, then told her, "I guess $15." His business was launched and became very successful. Hezekiah talks about his company's magazine, T.R.U.E., (Teens Reaching for a Unified Era), TeenXpressions, and his foundation. He is a young man with a mission, encouraging teens to think for themselves and not to be caught up in hype.  Hear Hezekiah talk about his life's journey, from age 7 into the future post-teen years. Click here to listen  

Geir Ness created of the first perfume of Norway. Here he tells of his journey to the US to become an actor. Failing that and flat broke, he began modeling fragrances with a friend on the weekend. When asked about a perfume from Norway, Geir discovered that there was none. So he decided to come up with one! Now his fragrance, Laila which is named for his Mother,  has been included in gift baskets for MTV awards, the Tony Awards, Miss Universe, Grammy, and Euro-Vision Song Contest to name a few. 
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Bess and Cliff Crouch -- Being and Becoming: From the Fast Lane to the Farmland

It was quite an exciting journey! Bess and Cliff sold their prosperous  heating and air conditioning business and expected to be living a life of leisure. Cliff soon tired of playing golf and Bess developed a strong interest in growing lavender. They opened a new chapter in their lives and today bring enjoyment to hundreds of visitors to Lavender Spring Ranch. Click here to visit Lavender Spring Ranch. Click here to listen

"Sumo wrestling is more than two fat guys bumpin' bellies," says International Sumo's Greatest Ambassador, "Manny" Yarbrough. It's an ancient martial art which dates back to 8th century Japan and it's gaining in popularity in the United States. Sumo is the center of the sport world in Japan. It's like football is to Americans and soccer is to Europeans.
"Manny" is an extraordinary athlete, a giant of a man. Guinness Book of World Records cites him as the World's Largest Athlete. He attributes his health to exercise and advises that just moving about will help an obese person maintain a measure of health.
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 Judith Kaye -- Secrets of Success in Choosing a Career

Judith Kaye is a brilliant and very successful author, businesswoman, former professor, and mother of two young adults. Judith's family chose to live in Australia rather than Hungary which was under Communist rule when she was a young child. Judith has an insatiable desire to learn. In this recording she provides sage advice on how to choose a career. You will be surprised, informed, and entertained.

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